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Year 4


Hello everyone and welcome to Year 4!





At the start of the year, we read a story called 'Noni' which was all about being an Iron Age blacksmith. In our classroom, we had to move all of the tables out of the way so we could map out Noni's journey through the hill-fort. Here are the different sights she saw during her walk.






This term, we have been reading the BFG and are really enjoying it. So much so, that when Mrs Green was reading the other day we all got very excited! Here is the extract she was reading that was so exciting!


'Sophie could feel the bubbles travelling lower and lower down her tummy, and then suddenly, inevitable... the explosion came.'


As Mrs Green read those last words, we all jumped off our seats at the same time and pretended to be rockets, just like the BFG! Mrs Green and Mrs Stretton were so surprised they fell about laughing! What a great book.

Mrs Green

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Our topic this term is Buildings so we decided to take a trip to our local Anglo-Saxon church to study it in detail. We took clipboards and sketching pencils with us. Each of us chose a section of the church to sit and draw. We enjoyed it so much we are hoping to go on another outing again soon!

Headteacher: Mr Lee Wood

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