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Each year has its own page where you can see what they have been getting up to in class. You can also view the K2 Literacy and Numeracy pages with information relevant to your child's group.


You can now email your child's class teacher by clicking on the email link on each class page.



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Year 6


Here are what some of our Year 6 pupils think about our school:


"I love this school as it is so friendly, the teachers are so caring!"


"I like Pattishall School as my friends are nice to me."


"I like this school because the teachers are kind and like to have fun. They make lessons as good as they can be. I know that my friends are there for me all the time. Pattishall School gives you great opportunities for later life."


"I love Pattishall, all of the staff and pupils are great. They help us if we get stuck and make the work fun."


"We’ve just got new iPads which we love!"


"The teachers at Pattishall are fun, friendly and helpful. It’s easy to make lots of good friends.  I really like this school as everyone is kind. It’s great fun too; we have exciting school trips and topic days."


"Pattishall is very warm and welcoming. We learn lots in lessons but it’s always fun and, if we get stuck, there’s always someone there to help."


"I love being a part of this school because the staff are kind and helpful. The children are very friendly too."


"I think the teachers are nice and kind. They give us lots of things to do. Friends are easy to find.  In summer, I like going in our swimming pool."




Headteacher: Mr Lee Wood

Pattishall CE Primary School | School Road | Pattishall | Towcester | Northants | NN12 8NE